Healthy shadow and harmful shadow

7 November, 2018 Off By Jordina Obiols

Imagine yourself enjoying a warm summer day at your garden,

imagine yourself having fun at the beach with your family…


You fancy a mild shadow to feel the freshness of the air on your skin and a soft light in your eyes…

But can you distinguish between a healthy shadow and a harmful shadow?

Although your skin and your eyes may well feel the freshness and mild light of the air, this does not mean that you are protected from nocive UV rays.


Types of UV RAYS

Use safe outdoor textiles

When using a beach or a garden parasol the most important characteristic to take into consideration is the level of UV protection for your skin and eyes that the parasol offers. Clicking on the image you will learn about UV ray types, their wavelength and their effects on the skin.

This protection is given by the outdoor fabric used in the parasol and obviously, not all outdoor fabrics fulfill this protection function.





What do you have to look at?UV Standard 801 tag

In order to enjoy a healthy shadow make sure that the outdoor fabrics of the parasol you purchase has an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF)80 of the UV Standard 801 certification. This is the maximum of this norm.

The UV protection factor (UPF) indicates how much longer the user of sun-protective textiles  can be exposed to the sun without suffering skin damage. The UPF is comparable to the sun- or light-protection factor of sunscreens (SPF). The basis for calculation is the so-called intrinsic protection time of the skin. Protected by a textile material with a UPF of 80, the wearer can prolong the time spent in the sun eightyfold without provoking skin damage.

This certification is the guarantee that the outdoor fabric is blocking more than 97% of UV. It’s like a sunscreen.  Your parasol dealer must respond clearly and explicitly on this subject and the product must have the accreditation label as guarantee that it offers this level of protection.

Protect your skin, protect your family