Texsilk PAV fabric

23 March, 2021 Off By admin

We are happy to present to you the brand new TEXSILK PAV fabric with inherent silver microparticles that is able to destroy Coronavirus.

We have been researching during the last months in order to present a superior antiviral technology. Today, most antiviral fabrics are made by dipping the fabric into a water bath that includes microsilver.  This solution may be effective at the beginning but it is a surface treatment that will go away with washing, abrasion, sun and rain,…  What we are presenting is a brand new approach that will give the fabric a permanent antiviral effect. 

The way we do this is by adding the microsilver to the yarn during the extrusion process.  This way, no matter the exterior conditions, the silver particles embedded inside the yarn will keep producing silver-ions.  Silver-ion particles destroy the protective membrane of virus and bacteria, leaving them exposed and inhibiting their replication capabilities. This technology destroys and blocks the proliferation of viruses, bacteria and fungi on the fabric.

As you can see in the attached report, after 50 washes at 90ºC,the antiviral efficiency is only reduced 5%

Note that all other properties and quality level of TEXSILK keep untouched. We have specially worked hard to also achieve Oeko-Tex Class 1 for the TEXSILK PAV fabrics.

This fabric is of course very interesting for any kind of indoor or outdoor furniture fabric because it will give the customer peace-of-mind knowing that there are no Coronavirus in the fabric.  But we have also found some imaginative products like partition systems used in Restaurants (called antiviral dividers), table cloth, door handle covers,…

TEXSILK PAV is now available in 190g black color. Please contact us to discuss other colors, MOQ and price.